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Ideas.. I've seen people kill in the name of them... and die defending them. We are told to remember the idea, not the man. Because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten. But several years later... his idea can still change the world.

My presentation in SFD2012, FOSS Entrepreneurship

My presentations yesterday in Software Freedom Day 2012, in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria, Egypt. Talking about FOSS and entrepreneurship.

Spirula Systems was the defender of opposition websites in the Egyptian revolution

spread your wings


الترجمة العربية بالأسفل

My presentation in SFD2010

Today I have given the first session in the Software Freedom Day made in bibalex. As usual it was an introduction about FOSS and a quick look at its history.

Follows is the presentation itself:

Spirula Systems, a dream coming true

Spirula Systems

After years of working as a system engineer, I have decided to open my own company. It's called Spirula Systems. The name comes from the sea shell Spirula, as it looks like debian swirl, it's a shell, and it lives in alexandria, where Spirula Systems is located.

EGLUG installfest April 3rd, Call for volunteers

There will be an installfest in cairo on April 3rd, if anyone can volunteer please do in eglug's coordination page.


Eglug is organizing an InstallFest in the Sawy Culture wheel on Saturday the 3rd of April.

compiz and metacity fight to be "compositing manager" in debian lenny

After I managed to run my X fine after my last problem with Xorg configurations, I had apt-getted compiz fusion. After it has run few times ok, It just stopped running, when i try to start it using compiz --replace I get the following error:

/usr/bin/compiz.real (core) - Error: Could not acquire compositing manager selection on screen 0 display ":0.0"
/usr/bin/compiz.real (core) - Fatal: No manageable screens found on display :0.0

Thank you EGLUG

I've been promoted to be an admin in Egypt Gnu/Linux User Group as was discussed in this thread..

العرض التقديمى بتاع الندوة الرابعة فى مكتبة الاسكندرية

مع ان الندوة ديه اللى اداها محمد السيد، لكن برضه حانزلها فى البلوج بتاعى.. غلاسة بقى...

وعلشان ابو عيسى ما جاش المرة ديه، ما حدش صور.. ما فيش صور ولا فيديو :(

الندوة الثالثة للبرمجيات الحرة بمكتبة الاسكندرية

بعد المرة اللى فاتت والعدد الكويس اللى حضر .. الحمد لله المكتبة بتزود تعاونها معانا :)

ان شاء الله شكل الندوات حتتثبت مرة كل أسبوعين كل يوم سبت.. وربنا يسهل ونظبط مكان للاجتماعات كمان

ندوة عن البرمجيات الحرة

ان شاء الله يوم السبت اللى جاى (6 سبتمبر) حتكون فيه ندوة عن المصادر المفتوحة فى مكتبة الاسكندرية الساعة 1 بقاعة auditorium. الدخول مفتوح لجميع الناس. يا ريت اللى يعرف ينشر الموضوع ده علشان لو العدد اللى جه مش كويس حيكون صعب اننا نعرف نعمل حاجة خاصة باللينوكس قريب هناك.

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