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Ideas.. I've seen people kill in the name of them... and die defending them. We are told to remember the idea, not the man. Because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten. But several years later... his idea can still change the world.

First system programming presentation

The presentation file of the first session of the system programming course that's made by [ eglug] and sponsored by [ Space], can be downloaded here as a [ PDF file]

صور وفيديوهات الندوة الثالثة فى مكتبة الاسكندرية

=====معلش يا أبو عيسى الموضوع طول معايا فى على ما ظبطت الحاجات.. اسف تانى على التأخير :)=====

Free Linux System Programming course in alexandria


Registration is closed on this course, for details check the site here


Linux System Programming Course as one of eglug, activities in Alexandria the announcement is now in the group site the course contents are as follows:

صور وفيديوهات الندوتين اللى فاتو

== شكر واجب ==

شكر جامد جدا للباشا الكبير أبو عيسى اللى صور كل الكلام ده بموبايله وضغطه بعد كده فيلم فيلم :)
معلش أنا مش عارف ازاى نسيت أحط اسمك من الأول.


معلش يا جماعة انا اسف جدا على التأخير .. هو ماكانش كتير ده حوالى شهر بس :)

عموما الصور والفيديو موجودين هنا:

happy birthday to GNU

Happy birthday to GNU

Happy birthday to GNU

Happy birthday Happy birthday

Happy birthday to GNU

eee pc is available in egypt

according to this, now we have the eee pc 900 for less than L.E 2000. actually i was happy that the asus eee pc is now available in egypt, but i would be more excited if i could find the acer aspire one is available for more processor power and better price.. the currently available eee pc which is of the following specs:

Cheapest laptop ever is available in the middle east ($128)

after the [ asus eeepc] and [ acer aspire one], now we have the [ Impulse NPX-9000] as the cheapest laptop (actually it's so similat to the eeepc).. and it's only for $129..

The good news is: [ Impulse NPX-9000 is available in the middle east]. Actually it's being sold for AED 473 in Dubai.

Well, the catch is that the minimum order number is 100 piece, you can't buy only one laptop till now.

Howto stream wikimania2008 videos on linux

wikimania2008 videos is available on bibalex webcasting site. The really annoying thing is that it only runs on IE on window$ :S

They do feel funny too and display a warning "For better performance, please use Internet Explorer." .. as if it's only a performance issue...

anyway, cause i'm using FF on linux, and I hate such crap.. i looked in the page and i just did the following:

mirroring a directory between 2 servers

I've used this script to synchronize 2 public directorys inside 2 mongrel clusters. but you can use it to continously sync/mirror any 2 directorys on 2 different servers. note that it any change made will be committed instantaniously (or with a delay due to connection only) on the other directory. This uses inotify tools to know on any file create/change/delete and rsync to commit the changes on the other server.

howto setup an rsync server (debian/ubuntu)

rsync is a great tool for synchronizing 2 directories (or files) either one of them is remote and the other is local, or 2 local folders (it doesn't support synchronizing 2 remote servers, yet). the power of rsync comes from that it doesn't transfer anything unless it detects that it's changes since last run. moreover, it transfer the changes in files only (unless you specified otherwise), and it can even compress files before sending which makes it ideal for continuous backups and mirroring.

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