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Ideas.. I've seen people kill in the name of them... and die defending them. We are told to remember the idea, not the man. Because a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten. But several years later... his idea can still change the world.
My favourite Software

Actually I'm posting this cause lots of people are asking me about what program should i use to do this and to do that, anyway these are my preferences they can be not the best things ever.

OS: GNU/Linux
linux destro for laptop/desktop: ubuntu, but planning to move my desktop to gentoo soon.
linux destro for servers: debian stable, though i use some packages from unstable repository. planning to try gentoo soon.
desktop enviroment: gnome & xfce. planning to try enlightment soon.
terminal: xfce-terminal, i like it.

web server: apache, planning to try lighttpd soon
database server: mysql
content management system: drupal
monitoring servers: hobbit, planning to look at nagios soon

browser, gui: firefox. i was trying to switch to sea monkey for better performance but i found out that the difference is so small when i disable most of the extentions. I still use opera sometimes but not much.
browser, cli: lynx
mail client, rss feed: thunderbird, though it's not the best one in performance, but it's an rss feed reader too. Actually if sylpheed supported arabic it would be my best choice for sure and i would use liferea as a feed reader.
IM: gaim gaim gaim, don't hear to anyone says somethings like amsn and yahoo messenger. anyway kopete is nice if you are a KDE guy (which i'm not).
irc, gui: xchat, though i used gaim for sometime, but xchat rocks.
irc, cli: irssi
voice calls: skype.
twitter client: i used to use twitux, but actually i found that adding IM to twitter and recieving/sending the updates from gaim is much better.
downloads - gui: d4x, kget for kde
downloads - cli: wget
Google earth: google earth, i don't know what category can i put this one in.
peer to peer: amule & bittorrent

cd burner: brasero. k3b is a good option if you use KDE
movies and videos: vlc media player
mp3s and audio: xmms

text editor, gui: gedit, mousepad, & katoob
text editor, cli: vim
word processor: abi word, open office
spread sheets: gnumeric
pdf reader: just the normal document viewer, no need for acrobat reader.

eye-candy: compiz fusion
eye-candy taskbar: avant window navigator

Checking multiple wifi signals: wifi radar
lan packet spoofing: wireshark
security auditing: nessus
firewall: iptables ;)

Islamic prayer times:
minbar (i stopped using this cause i started to use the firefox extention instead)
Zekr: for quran search.

if someone got any comments/recommendation for other software please tell me, i would like to get new experiences

I like it very much

I like it very much, just to add to you, my list is like the following, hope you find it interesting

OS: Windows for Games, GNU/Linux for anything Else

Linux Distro for laptop/desktop: Ubuntu

Desktop Environment: Gnome. with KDE installed (just in case)

Terminal: Gnome-Terminal and tty6

Browser, GUI: Firefox
Browser, CLI: Lynx

Mail client, RSS Feed: Web Gmail, Google Reader

IM: Gaim in Linux, Pidgin in Windows
IRC: XChat!

Downloads - GUI: DownThemALL Firefox Extension
Downloads - CLI: wget

Peer to Peer: BitTornado

CD Burner: Brasero, Nero for both Windows & Linux

Movies and Videos: Mplayer
Mp3s and Audio: Rhythmbox Music Player

text editor, gui: Gedit
text editor, cli: vim, nano

word processor: abiword, open office
spread sheets: gnumeric

PDF reader: Document Viewer

Eye-Candy (Window Manager): Beryl
Eye-Candy Window Decorator: Emerald

Islamic prayer times: ireminder (CLI)









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