My favourite firefox extentions

These are my favourite/commonly used extentions for the firefox browser:

Daily Dilbert: to get a new comic from dilbert to start my day with :P
Fission: to get a progress bar in the address bar, like safari

DownloadHelper: to download embedded objects in
FlashGot: to integrate firefox with download managers
No Script: living safely, nobody runs anything on my PC without my permission
Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer: to keep my bookmarks online and access it from any pc
Gmail Manager: notify me of all my gmail accounts, actually i stopped using it as i started to use thunderbird
ScribeFire: for blogging, i'm using it to send this :)
Torbutton: keeping low profile online :-o

Pray Times: to remind me of islamic prayer times

Firebug: to debug web pages
Live HTTP Headers: to monitor the headers of http packets
Web Developer: a great toolbar, a must for any web master

Actually due to performance issues most of those are deactivated :'( but the ones that i don't live without are the Foxmarks and Pray Times, the others are disabled and i only enable them when needed (i know, i have to restart my browser then)

And more

FireFTP: is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers.
To download it:

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