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Spirula Systems, a dream coming true

Spirula Systems

After years of working as a system engineer, I have decided to open my own company. It's called Spirula Systems. The name comes from the sea shell Spirula, as it looks like debian swirl, it's a shell, and it lives in alexandria, where Spirula Systems is located.

EGLUG installfest April 3rd, Call for volunteers

There will be an installfest in cairo on April 3rd, if anyone can volunteer please do in eglug's coordination page.


Eglug is organizing an InstallFest in the Sawy Culture wheel on Saturday the 3rd of April.

I have became a father

My first son was born today, Please welcome Mo'az معاذ..

First Alexandria Tweetup Meeting

First Alexandria Tweetup meeting, a meeting for those who use twitter alot, like me :)

RSVP here:

If you are gonna tweet about it, don't forget to use the hash tag #AlexTweetup 


c u there :)

Go meedan go: Meedan Releases the World's First Open Access Arabic/English Translation Memory

For those who don't know, meedan is a project that I have been watching since I first knew about it from the presentation made be Anas Tawileh in the first meeting in the arab techies.

اطلاق مدونة عربية تهتم بالريادة التقنية و تعتمد اسلوب “صحافة المواطن”

عرب كرنش تطلق النسخة العربية . ألف مبروك ليهم وان شاء الله تنجح نجاح كبير.

بيان اطلاق النسخة العربية:

أعلنت المدونة المحترفة “عرب كرنش” عن إطلاق أول مدونة باللغة العربية تهتم بالريادة ومبنية على أسلوب “صحافة المواطن” و التي يتمكن فيها اي مواطن من ان يكون اعلاميا. و تركز المدونة اهتمامها على الريادة في عالم التكنولوجيا، و المشاريع التقنية العربية والعالمية الناشئة، والإعلام الاجتماعي وأجهزة الجوال.

Migrated Drupal5 to Drupal6, & theme changed

Hi all,

This blog is migrated from drupal 5 to drupal 6, and the theme is changed.

تضامن مع حزب الوسط

الرسالة ديه وصلتنى من ناس انا باحترمهم جدا وباحترم تفكيرهم.. قلت أشاركها معاكم هنا


turning into non-active mode

I'm pulling out of following this blog for a longer non-specific time.. mostly few months.

If anyone needs to contact me please email me [email protected]


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